A recent survey conducted by The Conference Board found that only 47 percent of Americans are satisfied with their work. Dissatisfied employees negatively impact a company’s profitability, productivity and corporate culture. Business coaching offers a cost effective way to address this challenge.

SEAchange provides a trained, experienced professional coach and offers confidential, non-judgmental support to guide a person to self-discoveries that result in the freedom to reach their highest potential, reduce stress and improve relationships. Working with a coach leads to greater job satisfaction as self-awareness, insight and more effective communication skills result in a more open and confident individual.

Depending on the scope and goals of the engagement a variety of assessment tools might be used and other stakeholders within the company may be involved.

When to engage a business coach:

  • Are you or a member of your team facing organizational change?
  • Are dysfunctional relationships disrupting your business?
  • Could new communication strategies help reduce conflict internally or enhance relationships between your staff and clients?
  • Do you have talent on your team that you want to retain and grow to be an integral part of your company’s leadership?
  • Are you in the midst of a crisis or conflict that could use the perspective of an experienced, objective business adviser?


  • Do you have an employee that is facing personal challenges that are interfering with their performance at work?
  • Is there a need for strategies to increase employee productivity, such as with time management, organizational efficiency and reducing procrastination and stress?
  • Could you benefit from confidentially talking with someone outside the company, someone you could run ideas by or share concerns, someone who has experience in the realities of corporate life?